The Bunker's Dan Rogers on his 3rd Place finish at the County Championships

This was my first time playing in a county championship. It was a great experience. The Ventura County Championship is a 3 day event that is played at 3 different courses. So, each day is different.

The field is competitive and there is a cut that must be made in order to play in the final round on Monday.  This was really neat because it is a tough mental challenge to keep your composure and not give up.

After the first round I was a few shots back from the leader.  Going into the second day, I had no more first tee butterflies and I was ready to rely on and just play “MY” game. I was focusing on not trying to shoot for a specific number. When I talk about “my game plan”, I am referring to how I am going to play the golf course which includes; club selection based off distance and other elements, which shots to hit off the tee box, which side of the fairway to aim for based on the pin position, which is the best angle to approach the green at based on slope and pin placement, and when/where to be aggressive and when to just play it safe. I came up with my game/course management plan by talking with the TPI teaching professionals at the bunker indoor golf center. With the use of the Foresight GC2 simulators and the proper practice tools (“real turf” hitting mats, a consistent testing sight environment, etc...) I was able to effectively practice certain shots and work on specific distances due to the accuracy of the technology offered. With the use of all the technology, I was able to dial in each club and shot that I knew I was going to be faced with during the tournament very precisely because of how well it translated to the actual golf course.

By crating and relying on my game plan kept my mind right though out the day. By the end of the second round I had not only shot a good score and made the cut but I was leading my flight and was in contention for the victory.

On the third day, I continued to my morning warm up routine at The Bunker. This included getting a good night sleep, eating a good nutritious breakfast, using the Foresight GC2 simulators to dial in each club and stretching out in the TPI Golf Fitness room. The TPI fitness room allows me to stretch out properly based on exactly what my TPI screening results were. The TPI screening allows you to see through a window into your golf swing and explains exactly why your swing is the way it is based on the individual physical limitations. With knowing this about your body, you can now fix and work on specific issues that are causing swing flaws. By continuing to do my warm up routine, I was able to stay within myself mentally and I felt very confident going into the final day with the lead.

My game plan was to just play my game and stick to my game plan. I have played that course many times and know it very well. So, that is what I did and, I shot a good score again. It turned out that I had missed a playoff for the win by one shot. So, I got 3rd place and am very happy with that.

Throughout the tournament, I was keeping track of my personal stats. I was tracking my number of putts, fairways and greens hit or missed in regulation. For all three days, I averaged 31 putts, 49% of fairways hit and 57% of greens hit in regulation per round. By keeping track of this data, I now have an exact overview of I performed during the three days. With this data, I can now see exactly what it is that I need to work on and improve for next time. This is very helpful because I can now have a more detailed and focused practice session based on what “I” need to work on specifically.

I had a blast and learned a lot! A very humbling and exciting experience.  I cannot wait for next year.

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